Blue Mountain Alliance

Wind Projects

NE Oregon Wind Projects -

Helix Wind Power Facility

62 turbines, 102 MW capacity

Helix Wind Power Facility Amendment Project

Just approved by the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council with
134 turbines, 201 MW capacity

WKN Chopin Wind Proposed Project

Permit application filed with Umatilla County for 31 turbines

Stateline Wind Project 1 & 2

186 turbines, 123 MW capacity

Stateline Wind Project 3

43 turbines, 99 MW capacity

Stateline Wind Project (Washington side)

268 turbines, 177 MW capacity

Combine Hills Phase 1

41 turbines, 41 MW capacity

Combine Hills Phase 2

242 turbines, 63 MW capacity

Vansycle Ridge

38 turbines, 25 MW capacity



The first map shows all the projects listed in the left column, and two proposed projects.  As you will see, they are filling in the ridges in this area and advancing on populated areas.  With this much development, it has an impact on bird and bat migration as well as animals that live in the area.  People in the area are also noticing increased wildlife on their properties after the last industrial wind turbine project was completed.  This indicates they are moving away from project areas, for what ever reason.

Wind Projects Map

The map below is the same, but met towers in the area are added.  Met towers preceed proposed projects.  A list of companies with mets towers is on both maps in the lower lefthand corners.

Wind Projects Map with Met Towers

This map is the same as the first one but also shows where wind is being measured by meteorlogical towers.