Blue Mountain Alliance

Information Links

Industrial Wind Action Group
Facts, Analysis and exposure of wind energy's real impact

National Wind Watch
Presenting the facts about industrial wind power.

Wind Turbine Syndrome
Dr. Nina Pierpont's research website with articles, diaries and reports on the effects wind turbines have on people.

Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley
Presenting the truth about wind power and their fight against wind development on Craig Mountain above their town of Union, OR.

Allegheny Treasures
A blog that contains links to  many websites, blogs and other resources about wind energy.

Papers, resources, groups against wind energy projects, industry links, and news about wind energy.

Stop Ill Wind
An education resource about industrial wind.

Country Guardian
A UK-wide conservation group that has warned about wind turbines for nearly 20 years, since the first UK wind farms appeared in the Lake Disgtrict.  They  initially campaigned about landscape damage, but it soon became clear that a) the technology of wind turbines is seriously flawed and b) the environmental damage extends far beyond the landscape.

Life with DeKalb Turbines - NEW

Goodhue Wind Truth - NEW

Wind Concerns Ontario - NEW

Friends of the Highland Mountains - NEW

North American Platform Against Windpower - NEW


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